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My Place in the Universe

My Place in the Universe

This unit focused on information-- Where and how do we find the information we need? How do we present information in compelling ways? Leveraging the First Great Lesson, we used scale and relative size to create our own 'solar system' with HPMS as our very own sun.


Students used Google Maps & Google Earth to plot their addresses and add information & imagery to their place marks. We then used a Maps API that measures radius to create their 'orbits.' Clicking on the map image below will take you to our interactive map. Check it out!


Students each created their own planet using a drawing app called Forge. Students explored different brush types, colors and approaches to drawing and painting digitally. Some students chose to import images to use as a guide or as part of their final work.


After mapping our points in Google maps, measuring the distance from our 'sun' to create our orbits, and creating our own planets, we brought everything together in Google Slides. For many students, it was their first experience working on a digital presentation. Seeing them progress with fine motor skills (using the trackpad and keyboard to select, highlight and cut/copy text) as well as learn so many foundational skills (what the 'cloud' is, where and how files are stored and how to access them, importing photos and linking urls!) was a fantastic experience. 

Click on your child's classroom below to access & view their slide presentations.


Finally, we brought it all together by importing KMZ files into Google Earth so we could fly to our locations!

Click the image to experience our 'Solar Systems' in Google Earth.