Our Guide to the Neighborhood

Our Guide to the Neighborhood

Our first curriculum unit focused on information-- How does information empower or constrain us? What is our definition of truth? Students worked in groups of three on individual projects focused within the themes of people, place and purpose. We worked to create a unique neighborhood guide, using storytelling as a means to share information.

Who's There? and You Heard it Here First!

Two of our groups chose audio recording/podcasting as a means to tell the stories of our local business owners. Using a mobile recorder and an iPhone, students scheduled and conducted interviews, and then edited their projects in Adobe Premiere. Click on the images to experience our debut HPMS Podcast episodes!


Art Smart

This group of students was charged with telling a story about the amazing street art in Jersey City. Immediately taken by the engagement of AR/VR, these students used a Kodak 360 camera (mounted on a selfie stick) to explore Jersey City's murals. Inspired by the NY Times 360 series, we layered informational text over the video to give the viewer a richer understanding of the artists and locations of the works.


Dogs of Jersey City

This group got to delve into data on Jersey City's most populous partner-- our pups! Students collected data from three different local dog parks and then worked to create this incredible infographic of their findings. Click the image to check out this team's data collection in Google Sheets.


Transportation Station

What better way to explore Jersey City then through our interactive Scavenger Hunt created in Google Earth! Students worked to map locations throughout Jersey City, leveraging all types of transportation to get from place to place. They then wrote clues to lead explorers through their journey, recording everything while navigating their points within the map. Check out the video below, and click here to access the file and experience it for yourself! (google earth required).


Industry City and Where we Live

These two dynamic groups chose Google Slides for their presentations. Industry City focused on some of the fantastic historic buildings that are being repurposed. Where we Live is a local guide to some of our students' favorite local spots.


Then & Now

This group was focused on Jersey City's past and present. While this team started by collecting images of famous JC locations in the past and the present, we stumbled (literally) upon John 'the Digger' at the JC Historic Cemetery. John proved to be one of the richest resources in JC History dating all the way back to the Revolutionary War. We had the honor of interviewing him during a tour of the cemetery. Below is a highlight video created by this team, using the concept of a remix/music video to share their work. Stay tuned... we'll be posting a full length version of the entire interview soon!


Nifty Neighborhoods

Our Nifty Neighborhoods group worked to understand the historical timeline and significance of Jersey City's neighborhoods. From Paulus Hook to Journal Square, Newport to the Heights, this group worked collaboratively on different aspects of their project. Click below to see a slide presentation created on the Heights, and click this link to see some initial research prepared by a student about the founders of each neighborhood!