Nikita's Power Project

Why do people give their power away?

By: Nikita Palicha

You give your power away when you make someone outside of you more important than what is inside of you

When we give our power away we don’t know that we are giving it away. For example, when we get embarrassed or angry we are giving our power away to the people who made us get that emotion. Like when someone annoys you and you get angry you are just giving them the satisfaction of having power over you. Letting other people be superior to you, doesn't matter if they're taller, shorter, skinny, is giving your power away.


I am one of the shortest people in my class. I look really small when I am standing amongst the taller kids.

Every week, In my class, we have something called the crossing guard. When we go out to recess the crossing guard is in the front and leads the class outside.

One week I was the crossing guard. I had trouble getting to the front because lots of taller people were blocking me. Eventually I got to the front of the line.

Another week, a taller student was the crossing guard. It was as though it was magic! The taller crossing guard was in the front of the line without even saying anything.

So does our height affect on how much power we have?

Usually, We think that taller things are better. So taller people think Wow everybody thinks I am awesome so i’m awesome and I am better than everyone else. I am superior to other people.  But that’s not the case. Height only affects sometimes.

Everyone is special in a way.

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