Charted Lands

Charted Lands

This curriculum unit focused on information-- What is the definition of truth? Is it possible to be unbiased? Through the concept of mapping, we worked within the themes of People, Place and Purpose, creating unique 'maps' of data collected about Jersey City.

Jersey City Happiness Map

8th level students were focused on the theme of 'People' in Jersey City. Our initial brainstorming discussions led us to many interesting places including the relationships between ethnicity, economics and happiness, the concept of 'Happiness Diversity' as well as the myth of the American Dream. Ultimately 8th levels collected data that asked our neighbors to prioritize different categories like family, housing & hobbies according to how much they influenced happiness.

Minimalist Story Mind Map.png

Why do you Live in Jersey City?

7th level students were given 'Purpose' as a theme. After discussing how to interpret purpose, students decided to focus their energy on understanding why people choose to live in Jersey City. They also created a survey which they shared on Facebook and through our pages, adding a funny video to increase engagement. With nearly 100 responses, they created this data visualization, showing what their respondents shared about why they choose to live in our great city!

Click the image above to check out this team's survey and view individual responses!

Click the image above to check out this team's survey and view individual responses!


Anti-Boredom Map!

'Because entertained middle schoolers means happy parents!'

6th level students were focused on 'Place,' and in a unique articulation, created an 'Anti-Boredom' map for fellow middle schoolers. Students worked through categories such as wifi spots, restaurants, parks and indoor activities, creating an emoji-based ranking system. They surveyed all of our middle schoolers to gather the results you see below in their interactive Google Map. By clicking the icon on the top left (next to the 'Anti-Boredom Map' title, you can access the menu and check out all of their locations, toggling different categories on and off.