Color Illusions

By: Luka Rodrigues


My main question was “What drives the brain to make certain choices?”.

I went a little deeper into my topic. I started to think on how I could make this topic more specific. So then I thought of optical illusions, I mean i've always thought, “how do optical trick your brain?”. So I decided to use optical illusions as my project. I was REALLY happy that i finally made my topic more specific until…. I had to make it even more specific because I could not find any experts on optical illusions. So I thought of what type of illusions interested me the most. Then I thought, “color illusions! I mean they trick your mind and they can actually be REALLY simple….


Since my project is on color illusions i'll give you a few cool ones, here are some color illusions:

This is probably one of the most well known illusion on the internet:

Checker illusion.png

The squares that have A and B on them are actually the same color.

This was quite famous a few years ago and just took over the internet:

Dress illusion.jpg

After a few days of trying to find an expert on color illusions, I had FINALLY found some experts! I had narrowed my list of experts to 3 experts. So I emailed each of them. I asked them how color illusions trick your eye and how I could possibly design my own. Surprisingly a few days later I got an email from my favorite expert! I was so excited!

He actually gave me a suggestion on what to do and he sent me a picture.

Here it is:

MunkerAustralia01 (1).jpg

This is an example of a munker illusion.

The point of a munker illusion is to trick you by making a same color look different like in the picture above. It's the type of illusion that even if you know it's wrong it still tricks your brain.

A Munker illusion has  3 different parts to it. A background color, a colored shape and bars that pretty much go over the whole image. The background and the bars will be opposites-either very dark or very light (Like the image above). For example, in one picture the bar is light and the background is dark and in the other, the bar is dark and the background is light. The color of the shape in the center will not change but to our eyes it will.

As I started researching more on munker illusions I decided to make my own.

So I thought of different ways on how I could make my munker illusion. My first idea was using photoshop, but that would’ve been to complicated with the time that I had to finish my project. Then I tried to use an Ipad.

Sadly the iPad illusion did not work, I tried using my laptop.. and I actually got an ok illusion.

I started to experiment a bit more and I got a good illusion!

My teacher says this first illusion shows a bigger difference between the colors:

1st edited.png

But I thought this illusion shows a bigger difference:

2nd illusion Better one.png

So I decided to combine those two, and here it is:


I really enjoyed this project because it helped me understand illusions better.

This project made me think about how illusions could be used differently today.

If you want to explore more about illusions you can take a look at this website: