What is a Game?

What is a Game?

We started off our new STEAM class in Upper El this year with a question— 'What makes a game a game?’. Students worked to learn and understand the four elements of a game: a Goal, Rules, a Feedback System and Voluntary Participation (aka fun!). Students employed creativity, computational thinking and storytelling to create digital games of their own.


For a game to be a game, it must have:

  • a Goal— what is the purpose of this game?

  • Rules— how does gameplay work?

  • a Feedback System— are their points? How do I know if I’m winning?

  • Voluntary Participation— basically, it needs to be fun, challenging, and engaging so people will want to play!

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 10.48.39 AM.png


We used the Metaverse platform to create our games. Metaverse is a block/scene based building program similar to Swift or Scratch. Students can create their games, making connections and creating different types of scenes to tell their stories.

Download Metaverse from the Apple App store or Google Play to be able to experience your student’s game!

After downloading the Metaverse app to your device, use the link below or scan the QR Code of your student’s project and start playing!