In our second unit of the year, we focused on Innovation. With essential questions like 'How are society and innovation interdependent?' and 'How do the things we design in turn design us?', students focused on the United Nations Global Goals to create real solutions to problems facing our local community, Hudson County.

First, students were presented with a brief history of the Industrial & Digital Revolution(s) and how jobs & careers might be affected by technology and automation in the future. After learning about the Global Goals project, I presented students with all of the 17 goals, asking them to prioritize which SINGLE goal could have the biggest impact, and trickle down to the greatest number of the other goals.

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7th and 8th level students chose Goal #17, Partnerships, as their single overarching goal. 6th level students (a class of 4 boys and 1 girl), chose Goal #5, Gender Equality as the single most important goal.

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