Balloon launch

Balloon launch 2019

Look up at the stars and not down at your feet
— Stephen Hawking

We recovered our balloon!

A different kind of balloon!

Along with all the hard work related to the balloon launch, we had a LOT of fun too. Check out our water balloon fight organized by Mr. Colin and shot by Mr. Frank.

On the Chase!

Two chase cars raced to a speedy recovery of our balloon. The short video below shows the moment we launched and our chase recovery.

What is the balloon launch?

The balloon launch is when we launch a large weather balloon into space with a payload connected to it. There will also be a camera connected to it to film the whole thing. Every year we have a theme this year’s theme is transmission, this year theme is transmit and receive. It will the first time in our history of launches that we will be live-streaming the event.

Why do the balloon launch?

At first it was just a project with 7 kids working on it. But now it’s a tradition in our community for 4 years. We now have 18 people and 4 different groups working on the launch. The Design and build team, the Broadcasting team, the Homestead team, and the Project management team. But it’s more than the balloon launch, it’s also a way to get to know your friends.

Here are some images & a video clip from previous launches: